The Story behind Our Story


We all love stories. Once upon a time… is the magic formula that breaks the known Time and Space boundaries and transcends us into a whole new magical world, guided by whole new enchanted rules.

In a fairy land, far away, in ancient Greece, four beautiful women were living gracefully in a sacred garden. This is how Our Story section begins. No Once upon a time? No, because this story is personal; it is about each and every one of us; about our own selves, it is about self-experiences, about love and caring, about our best choices.

So… to keep on going: in a fairy land far away from the hectic city life, as far as ancient Greece is, four beautiful women were living gracefully in a sacred garden; not the regular garden that one expects with dogs chasing bored flies, but a magical, enchanted one. These were the goddess-nymphs of evening and of the golden sunset light. They were guarding over the magical Garden of Hesperides, where immortality was more than an abstract term, it was the embodiment of the golden apple tree. Hesperides were keepers of the Ambrosia of the Gods. Whoever tasted the apples was blessed with immortality and never-ending youth.

Once upon a time, Esperée was born. Esperée is modern Ambrosia for the skin; it is deeply rooted into the goods of nature, while being a modern gift for the skin, created for your own kind of beauty.

Our products stand to our beliefs: we believe in pure skincare; this is why our products are natural, organic, vegan, without parabens or any other harmful substances. We selected the finest ingredients that nature has and blended it for the skin you love! Because we believe in natural beauty, we created a range of products with strong hydrating properties, enriched with beneficial vitamins and oils, which not only will caress your skin on the outside, but also will soothe your soul on the inside.

Imagine. Once upon a time, in the Land of Hesperides, where there was no past or future, time was fluid. Sensorial flashes of memories becoming substance: the golden light of sunset, the diaphanous summer evenings spent near a lavender farm, the sensual scent of first love, the ethereal, the peacefulness, the love. Now liquefy all these sensations into an elixir and pour it into one bottle. Our Rose and Lavander Oil Elixir is the embodiment of all these fragments of time and of all the benefits that nature has for humankind.

‘Once upon a time’, Esperée was yours. You may now start writing your own story.




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