New Year! 5 Skincare Resolutions for 2018 and… forever!


Welcome 2018! Here we are again, blank canvas in front of us. New year, new beginning! You may think this is cliché, but as the days are unfolding in front of us, we need some guidelines to keep going on the right track and to not lose sight of our priorities.

Is skincare important to you? Proper skincare is important as skin is the largest barrier we have against the ‘outer’ world. It protects us from infections and bacterias. When this protective layer is damaged, dry, irritated or not taken care of, microscopic cracks appear on the surface of the skin making it more sensitive and prone to infections.  Makes sure you keep your skin healthy and moisturised this year by following the same skincare resolutions as we do!


No. 1 goal in skincare for the New Year! Do you often find yourself forgetting to apply sunscreen before makeup or on your hands or legs? If you are, then you should know that sunscreen protection is the no.1 rule in skincare. As soothing and pleasant the sun is (especially nowadays with this cold weather in USA), as damaging it can be to the skin. It is the main cause of early aging, wrinkles, dark sports. In severe cases, overexposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light can also lead to skin cancer. One thing that many don’t know is that sun damage accumulates overtime. Even so, it is never too late to start a sun protection regimen. I know some may think that protecting your skin from the sun ends with the summer months, but this is a myth. Dermatologists advise us to use a SPF 15 sunscreen all year round to prevent further sun damage and reverse some of the damage already done. Are you convinced yet to apply SPF today before going out?


You may probably think that you hear this everyday. Moisturize, hydrate, moisturize, and hydrate! Why is hydration important to the skin? Simple: when the skin is properly hydrated it is more plump and resilient! Beauty starts from inside out; drink water for a smooth, beautiful skin. When you drink enough water the hyaluronic acid in the skin holds it (just like a sponge) and the skin looks healthier and less wrinkly. You are probably familiar to the idea of drinking 6 glasses of water a day, but every person’s body is different and you may need more or less, depending on the body weight, weather or level of activity.

TIP: Coffee or sodas do not count as water as they are high in caffeine, which is a diuretic, and it actually flushes out water of your system and of your skin.


Every once in a while, consider a pampering day, just for yourself. Maybe not a day if time won’t allow you, but a few hours a week are always welcome. Being it Sunday evening, Saturday or any other day. Get out your bubbles, oils and scented soaps and take a long hydrating bath (here is the link to some awesome soothing baths recipes), apply a moisturizing face mask, exfoliate take care of your feet; just nourish your skin and allow your mind to relax. And soak in until you’re wrinkled!

Proven benefits of ‘self care sessions’:

  • It improves mood and relaxation;
  • It reminds you that your needs are important too;
  • Taking a few hours off for a home spa experience is the best way to take a break from stress;
  • Some time alone is like a happiness pill, as it promotes meditation, self-reflection and it clears the mind.


Keep things that touch your skin clean. What does this mean? Keep your towels clean, wash your makeup brushes at least once a month, wash your hands before touching the face, take a shower immediately after a workout. Be careful with everything that comes in contact with your skin. Using dirty towels or filthy makeup brushes will most probably undo all the hard work you put in your skincare routine because it promotes acne and clogged pores.


Did you know you could guess the age of a person by looking at their hands? Often ignored, hand care is extremely important because they may show your age and they get dry faster. Moisturize on a daily basis, in the morning and evening, take care of your nails and keep your hands as clean as possible.


What are your skincare resolutions for this year?





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