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In a fairy land, far away, in ancient Greece, four beautiful young women were living gracefully in a sacred garden. With their unprecedented grace and absolute beauty, the Hesperides took an overwhelming care of all the herbs in their garden but especially of the golden apple trees, which had the power to break time boundaries, by turning any being into an immortal one.

Having strong roots in The Garden of Hesperides, Esperee is a modern gift from the Gods, created for your own inner beauty.

Having a strong meaningful story, our products are natural, vegan, without parabens and other harmful substances. Because we believe in natural beauty, we created a range of products with strong hydrating properties, enriched with vitamins E and A.

A beautiful soul should radiate through a smooth skin! Esperee helps you find the balance between these two treasures by unifying a beautiful body and soul, wholly.

It’s time to discover the beauty of your skin through the pure touch of natural flowers. Spoil your senses; discover your own kind of beauty!

Our products are made with great care for you to enhance your skin and to make you feel completely beautiful. For us, you are not just another customer, you are our inspiration. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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